Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Who Doesn't Love Decorating Cookies?

Alright I'm sure there are some of you out there that don't enjoy decorating cookies because that means you're going to have to make tons of them for your kid's parties, bake sales, class birthdays, etc. But for a child decorating a cookie is like the best thing ever, and it's a super easy time consumer.

Which is exactly why I had them decorate them. I'll admit the only reason why I came up with the idea is because I was trying out my new cookie press and forgot that the cookies were in the oven for a little while....they got a little toasty. Personally I wouldn't eat them, but the kids were never going to know the difference especially with all the frosting they were about to load on top.

So I evenly divided up the cookies I had (because if one of the kids had more than the other all hell would break loose for sure.) Meredith is a bit young to be decorating on her own so Matt helped her and since Gavin wants to do anything Meredith does, I "helped" him. Which more or less involved me sitting there taking photos and saying what a good job he was doing. Anything to keep the kids happy right? 

Gavin wanted to show me each and every cookie he made. So Cute!

With Matt helping Meredith every cookie was frosted with whatever color and sprinkles she individually chose. Gavin chose the frosting colors for each cookie but asked my "expert" advice on which sprinkles to use.

Meredith insisted that she spread the frosting on them after a while. I have to say she was quite good at it!

And of course what would baking be without a little taste test here and there....

Gavin was intensly putting sprinkles on his cookies.

And of course after seeing that Meredith wanted a try too, although she was a little unsure of it at first.

Meredith's finished products!

And Gavin's too!

She was very proud afterwards.

All in all it turned out to be a pretty good afternoon. It kept them busy for a while and they weren't sitting in front of the television. 

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